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Defence and security:
Sinequa and SYSTRAN cooperate in the analysis and multilingual processing of Big Data

Paris, 30 March 2015 - Sinequa and SYSTRAN cooperate in the field of military intelligence, cyber-defence and electronic investigation. The aim of this cooperation is to create a solution that detects and processes critical information in multiple languages and provide an exhaustive view of a given topic. Combining Sinequa and SYSTRAN solutions together enhances Sinequa's analytical capabilities, allowing key concepts to emerge from the analysis of textual content. The added value of this partnership rests on SYSTRAN's ability to instantly translate over 45 languages in a secure manner, and Sinequa's ability to provide a comprehensive platform for the processing of Big Data in order to analyse, retrieve and categorise the relevant information in real time. The integration of the two solutions makes it possible to quickly process structured and unstructured data from very heterogeneous internal and external sources (websites, audio transcripts, social media, etc.), and provide a clear and comprehensive view of a subject for investigators.

Today, "actors in the Defence and Security fields" face traditional threats (military and civil conflicts or terrorist operations), but also new threats, such as cyber attacks, piracy, narcotics trafficking or natural disasters due to climate change that can be detected on forums, blogs, sites during massive scans of the information available on the web (Open Source Intelligence, or OSINT). In order to survey and protect, they need high-performance analysis tools to support their decisions and actions.

The international dimension of these threats, the diversity of languages and dialects and the lack of language skills for Asian and Middle Eastern languages greatly complicate the task of collecting and analyzing data. The accuracy of the SYSTRAN translations and the relevance of the information provided by Sinequa's analysis have demonstrated their ability to help analysts address these challenges.

"Information systems that can process and analyse content in real-time in different languages have become indispensable in military intelligence, cyber-defence or electronic investigation," noted Gilles Montier, Director of Sales at SYSTRAN. "The quality of SYSTRAN's translation quality combined with the strength of Sinequa's research and analysis undeniably improve anticipatory and decision-making capabilities."

"SYSTRAN's translation technologies perfectly complement our Big Data search and analysis solution. Together, we are significantly expanding our operational vision while offering a clear understanding of the subject", added Xavier Pornain, VP of Sales & Alliances at Sinequa.

For over four decades, SYSTRAN has been the market leader in language-translation products and solutions, covering all types of platforms, from desktop to internet and enterprise servers.

To help organizations enhance multilingual communication and increase productivity, SYSTRAN delivers real-time language solutions for internal collaboration, search, eDiscovery, content management, online customer support and e-Commerce.

With the ability to facilitate communication in 130+ language combinations, SYSTRAN is the leading choice of global companies, Defense and Security organizations, and Language Service Providers. SYSTRAN is also the official translation solutions provider for the S-Translator, a default-embedded app on the Samsung Galaxy S and Note series.

Since its early beginnings, SYSTRAN has been pioneering advances in machine translation and Natural Language Processing. Its latest achievement, a new-generation Hybrid MT, combines the predictability and language consistency of rule-based machine translation with the fluency of statistical MT.

SYSTRAN is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea; Paris, France; and San Diego, USA.

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