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Sinequa Continues to Build Momentum in U.S. Biotech Market with Big Data Search and Analytics Offering

Second major U.S. win in the pharma/biotech space demonstrates Sinequa’s unique position in offering scalable, real time big data analytics across structured data and texts in many languages.
Paris, 29 May 2014 - Sinequa, a leader in real time big data search and analytics across various industries including telecommunications, finance and aeronautics, continues to build momentum in the U.S. and has again been chosen by a major U.S. Biotech company to optimize their Research & Development (R&D) process and expert collaboration. This new alliance reinforces Sinequa’s position as a leader in big data search and analytics in the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industry. The new collaboration with a U.S. based Fortune 500 company also supports Sinequa’s goal of accelerating its development in the North American market in 2014.

"Adding another U.S. biotech company to our roster of 250 clients is a milestone for Sinequa and marks our entry into the U.S. market", said Alexandre Bilger, president and chief executive officer, Sinequa. "Our work with U.S. biotech and pharma companies, such as AstraZeneca, establishes Sinequa as one of the most active companies in the world-wide market for analytics of structured and unstructured data. The mission of our work is to harness vast amounts of data in real time to enrich and streamline the R&D pipeline - bringing treatments to market more quickly."

Extracting relevant information for scientists and others in the pharmaceutical industry, requires the ability to recognize synonyms and related topics in areas as diverse as diseases, genes, drugs, molecules and modes of action. Sinequa builds a “semantically rich index” that uses company and trade knowledge of a subject domain in order to aggregate information on synonyms and related concepts, which allows a simple query to deliver information on all semantically related topics in real time.

"One of the most important features we can offer the pharma/biotech industry is the opportunity to bring together relevant R&D data from all over the world and from an incredible range of sources," said Mr. Bilger. "We analyze vast amounts of untapped data – in whatever language it appears – and transform it into a valuable information for organizations. This means greater collaboration, fewer duplicate studies, and greater opportunities to find new ways to use existing compounds."

Sinequa has more than 25 years of research in natural language processing and provides Big Data content analysis in 19 languages. This is particularly important in the pharma/biotech space, where research within a single organization can span many continents. The recent contracts with U.S. pharma/biotech represents a milestone in the company’s U.S. growth.

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