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Sinequa Partners with Scibite to Transform Enterprise Search

Sinequa and SciBite combine text mining and data integration offerings to improve scientific research online.
Paris, France - November 3, 2014 - Sinequa, leader in real-time big data search and analytics for Fortune Global 2000 companies today announced that they have partnered with SciBite, a Cambridge, UK based Informatics Company, to provide access to drug discovery intelligence data for pharma and biotech companies.

The new partnership brings together Sinequa's flexible enterprise search program, which scales hundreds of millions of documents, and SciBite's deep ontologies and lightning-fast text indexing engine to turn unstructured, diverse text into rich, structured resources. The combination now opens unparalleled access to drug discovery intelligence and vast amounts of knowledge, previously hidden in scattered document repositories.

"SciBite was founded to deal with the ambiguity and complexity of language in biomedicine and health care. We produce software and ontologies that can rapidly determine the key topics within an article, and connect similar articles together," said Lee Harland, founder of SciBite. "Our partnership with Sinequa allows us to apply semantic enrichment over a company's entire document collection as well as public data such as PubMed, patents, grant applications, and so on. This allows healthcare professionals to become more informed, without overloading them with information."

The result of this new system provides an intuitive way to understand hidden relationships between drugs, indications, targets, safety signals, biomarkers and much more. Sinequa's flexible API caters for the development of further bespoke solutions such as key-opinion-leader mining, drug repurposing and target identification.

"We are delighted to have found a partner in SciBite that can help us import pharma and biotech specific knowledge into our solutions," said Xavier Pornain, Sinequa's Vice President of Sales and Alliances. "This accelerates customer projects and increases the relevance and precision of information to help pharma and biotech companies unlock the business potential hidden in the hundreds of millions of documents that these companies hold."

About SciBite
SciBite, based in Cambridge UK has developed advanced semantic analysis and text-mining systems aimed at the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector. Its software is designed to embed within other applications to enrich their understanding of complex technical language. The company offers a free pharma news service at to illustrate the advantage of this semantic approach and boasts a number of top-ten pharma as current customers.