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Bull and Sinequa join forces to offer real-time Big Data processing appliance

  • Based on bullion - the world's most powerful X86 server - and Sinequa's 'Real-Time Search and Analysis' solution, a high-performance content analysis engine
  • For organizations that want to extract maximum value from Big Data so support usage profiles such as 360° enterprise vision
  • Guarantees secure, integrated and ultra-fast data indexing
Paris, 1st July 2014 - Bull and Sinequa have announced the signing of a strategic partnership in the area of Big Data, to provide a search and content analysis appliance based on ultra high-performance, secure infrastructures.

By combining the technology of bullion - one of the world's most powerful servers - with Sinequa's Real-Time Big Data Search and Analysis solution, the two firms are together offering a secure, integrated appliance capable of achieving unrivalled performance. The new system will be capable of handling up to 100 billion records and processing 10 million indexed records a second: at least 40 standard servers would normally be needed to achieve a comparable performance.

Supporting organizations in their Big Data projects The appliance will be fine-tuned to each customer's specific needs, to address many different scenarios for us: identifying implicit networks of experts; get a 360° view of a particular issue; optimizing the effectiveness of a call center; or increasing understanding of a customer portfolio... The exceptional performance of the appliance ensures very rapid indexing cycles, so the very latest data can always be incorporated into the analyses being continuously performed. In addition, the solution can be fully integrated with the organization's access security policies.

Franck Grverie, Executive Vice-President of Bull Infrastructure, commented: "Through this partnership, Bull is confirming that it has firmly established itself in the Big Data age. We are actively working to help companies create value from their data: from our Centers of expertise for testing and recommending the most appropriate infrastructure, to our leading-edge expertise in implementing Big Data infrastructures. This know-how means we can now offer ultra-efficient appliances for the most critical applications. With Sinequa, we are giving organizations a unique driver to improve their competitiveness."

"The level of performance that is achieved using bullion technology and the Sinequa solution opens the door to business innovations that would otherwise not be possible. The ability to analyze huge deposits of heterogeneous and constantly changing data, in real time, transforms strategic processes such as customer relationship management or the new product launches," affirmed Alexandre Bilger, Chairman of Sinequa.

About Bull
Bull is the trusted partner for enterprise data. The Group, which is firmly established in the Cloud and in Big Data, integrates and manages high-performance systems and end-to-end security solutions. Bull's offerings enable its customers to process all the data at their disposal, creating new types of demand. Bull converts data into value for organisations in a completely secure manner.

Bull currently employs around 9,200 people across more than 50 countries, with over 700 staff totally focused on R&D. In 2013, Bull recorded revenues of €1.3 billion.

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