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Sinequa Chosen by AstraZeneca to Support Worldwide R&D

Boston, Mass. - April 22, 2014 - Sinequa, a leader in real-time big data search and analytics, announced that it has been chosen by AstraZeneca, a global biopharmaceutical company, to index millions of R&D documents and break down barriers between information silos, worldwide. Sinequa will partner with AstraZeneca to harness the biotech company's big data infrastructure to find relevant information about drugs, diseases and genes, new uses for existing compounds and help bring treatments to market more quickly.

U.S. biotechnology companies, like AstraZeneca, are turning to Sinequa to optimize worldwide R&D initiatives by indexing vast amounts of existing R&D data, as well as external publications and databases, to find networks of topic experts with similar and complementary expertise, creating "R&D intelligence."

"Sinequa is a valuable partner for groundbreaking organizations, such as AstraZeneca, because we have developed a scalable solution to pull out relevant information from unstructured data in many languages," said Alexandre Bilger, Sinequa's chief executive officer. "Large, multinational biotechs, such as AstraZeneca, can have thousands of people working globally on one topic and need to analyze millions of documents to support their work. R&D intelligence supplied by Sinequa can help organizations identify new connections."

The resulting information links experts across organizations to skills and related documents. For instance, AstraZeneca can now ask a question on any R&D topic and instantly find and rank experts and studies related to that topic to then efficiently capture all information relevant to that topic, from around the world. A dashboard is generated, featuring key scientific documents and experts on the given topic.

Indexing data this way means greater collaboration, fewer duplicate studies and opportunities to find new disease indications for existing treatments. In a few clicks, R&D investments are maximized.

"With Sinequa, we are building a powerful next-generation search platform that is simple and intuitive enough for our R&D scientists to use easily and be alerted to new information anywhere, anytime," said Nick Brown, innovation & technology architect at AstraZeneca. "After considering the top 20 enterprise search platforms, Sinequa provided the best solution to quickly search through all of our data to see who is working on which projects organization-wide, gathering information that will power the next generation of our business intelligence".

Using Sinequa, AstraZeneca can today query up-to 200 million documents with sub-second answers and now has the ability to run sentence-level queries, a feature unique to Sinequa.

With 40 percent revenue growth in 2013, Sinequa is a rapidly expanding big data analytics firm serving more than 250 Fortune 2000 clients. The addition of large enterprise organizations in U.S biotech supports Sinequa's goal of accelerating development in North America in 2014 and reinforces its role as one of the most active companies in the world for analytics of structured and unstructured data.

Sinequa builds on 25 years of research in natural language processing and provides big data content analysis in 19 different languages. This is of particular importance in the pharma/biotech space, where research within a single organization can span many continents and thousands of individuals.

Large enterprises turn to Sinequa for scalable big data analytics in areas of financial services, consumer products, government, telecommunications, manufacturing, professional services, media and retail.

Both Sinequa and AstraZeneca will be attending Bio-IT World Conference and Expo in Boston April 29-May 1.