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French Insurer MAIF Uses Sinequa's Unified Information Access Platform to Increase the Operational Efficiency of its Headquarters and of its Insurance Network

Paris, June 13 th 2013 - MAIF has recently chosen SINEQUA in order to provide rapid access to relevant unstructured contents, treating its Unified Information Access platform as one of the key building blocks of its information system.

This project was initiated within the Project Support department that had identified employees’ difficulties in finding relevant information due to the great variety of sources and search capabilities.

In view of the important increase of its digital assets (proliferation of contracts, guidelines, procedures, directories, intranets and Websites), it had become necessary for the insurance group to install a search engine that would allow employees to access information more rapidly and to the point.

Hence, MAIF launched a market survey of search engines in 2011.

Early in 2012, Sinequa ES was chosen for its ability to offer search in natural language delivering relevant results while respecting the security policy of the insurer’s information system. “Due to high quality work and great reactiveness of the Sinequa team, working closely with the MAIF teams, we were able to deploy the search engine and configure it to closely meet the requirements of our business needs”, notes Bruno Monget, manager at the IT department, in charge of the intranet, the work place, and identity management. The solution has been integrated with the IT system of MAIF in order to function with its multiple data sources (about a hundred Notes platforms, Quickr collaborative workspaces, JCMS sites, people directories, Websites, etc.)

The Unified Information Access platform implemented with Sinequa ES, called TaTou at MAIF, now helps the 6750 employees of the group, dispersed between its headquarters and units all across the French territory, to find relevant information for their work. They connect to TaTou from their workplace and their professional portal in order torapidly find answers to their questions, be they within their own domain of competence (contracts or damages) or more generally on any domain they have access rights to. Thus, the search engine provides different results to different users according to their profile, even if they ask the same question.  

“Since the deployment of the search engine, we record a significant usage rate – despite little internal promotion " adds Sandrine Métivier, TaTou project manager. “With more than 70% of employees using the search engine regularly, it is evident that people were really looking for en enterprise search solution.Bruno Monget is satisfied with the first very encouraging results of the project and emphasizes the fact that “with the deployment of the Sinequa Unified Information Access platform we begin to see a change in work habits: due to the relevance its results and its semantic strength people stop connecting to multiple data sources, which should sensibly improve the operational efficiency of our people.

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Sylvie Le Chevillier
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