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A Dynamic Year 2011 for SINEQUA

Paris, January 9th 2012 - Sinequa, one of the leading players of business search, is proud to announce its strong growth in 2011, with a string of new contracts, the reinforcement of its partner network, and recognition in the international market with export representing 20% of its activity. The strong positive dynamic of new projects during the second half year, within a Business Search market in constant evolution (particularly with the entry of big players like HP and Oracle), heralds a very promising year 2012 for Sinequa!
A great year 2011

Business Search has confirmed its place at the heart of Enterprises' IT systems. Within a strongly evolving market, "unified information access" - covering all kinds of structured and non-structured enterprise data - becomes a major challenge.  Sinequa Business Search is ideally positioned in this market by its capacity of dealing with very large volumes of heterogeneous data, of extracting sense for users from this data and structures that can be used by business applications. It is therefore only logical that Sinequa should continue its development with very positive results despite the persistent economic crisis. Thus, new business has permitted a growth rate of 10% over the year, with a strong acceleration in the second half-year, and a positive EBITDA for the ninth year in a row.

Contracts with new customers have abounded, in particular with new projects in industrial and energy companies like GDF Suez, Total Petrochemicals, Siemens, Eurocopter; in retail with Infomil, a subsidiary of the Leclerc Group; in the business software industry with Cegid, and in archiving solutions with Locarchives.

Many clients have also renewed their confidence in Sinequa, launching ambitious new projects, amongst them Rue du, Crédit Agricole, Atos, Arkema or Eurosport.

A technological advance

Under the direction of its president, Alexandre Bilger, Sinequa has launched a new version of its solution, Sinequa ES 8, in November 2011. The new version of the search solution strengthens and extends the innovations first introduced in its version 7, introduced in 2009, and it helps facing the challenges of the evolving market. It facilitates the development of all kinds of search based business applications (SBA) and has the potential to become the basis of a true search applications market ("App Sore").

Technically, Version 8 offers a platform for "Content Analytics", capable of dealing with almost all structured and unstructured data of big companies or administrations. It allows to cover the challenges posed by "Big Data", Extended Business Intelligence (BI), and mobility in fast and economical projects.

Entering the German Market

Sinequa has extended its presence into the German market and opened an office in Frankfurt. Already in 2010, Sinequa had signed a first important contract with Siemens, one of the jewels of German industry. Siemens has renewed its confidence in the Sinequa solution by extending its usage within the enterprise. The German Sinequa team will focus on large enterprises and big mid-size companies with large volumes of diverse data. This target group stands to gain most from the Sinequa solution. In addition, Germany counts a large number of FAST users that have become orphaned since the acquisition of the company and the restriction of its product to the Microsoft platform. Sinequa ES 8 with its pervasive compatibility between Linux and Windows provides these FAST users with an innovative perspective.