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Siemens Counts on Sinequa

Munich, 27th June 2012 – Collecting the existing knowledge across a globally active enterprise and making it available for collective use is quite a challenge. With about 360.000 employees around the world and 28.000 Experts in R&D, Siemens tackled this challenge with its project “TechnoSearch”, aimed at optimizing the usage of knowledge available within the enterprise.

Making available knowledge accessible and creating synergies

Siemens “TechnoWeb” is an enterprise-wide social platform on which employees exchange information and put their expertise at the disposal of colleagues. “TechnoSearch” now provides Siemens with a solution offering very simple, efficient and secure access to the knowledge contained in millions of documents, in databases, and applications.  

Classic document management systems often do not offer adequate search functionality. Some information is only accessible to a selected group of employees, some teams work on isolated projects, using Web 2.0 technologies as platforms for communications and knowledge exchange. Our goal was to establish a comprehensive solution for everyone that extracts relevant information from the most diverse data sources and puts it at the disposal of employees on one common platform”, explains Dr. Thomas Lackner, Head of the “Open Innovation” project at Siemens. 

Siemens implemented this project with Sinequa ES8, the leading solution for Content Analytics and Unified Information Access. Today, the company is able to gain precious information from volumes of complex data from applications as well as from unstructured data sources: Siemens employees can look for – and find – information concerning technologies and components available within the company, as well as the corresponding experts. And they can do so with a very comfortable and user friendly solution.

Dr. Thomas Lackner: “Our solution based on Sinequa ES8 is a mature and professional tool that offers real value to our R&D colleagues. TechnoSearch uses a well thought-out meta data model and sophisticated filtering mechanisms to deliver exclusively relevant results and summaries to experts and groups of experts. Furthermore, we have implemented security mechanisms to safeguard our information in all circumstances.

Feedback has been very positive right from the first pilot projects. 90 percent of the employees involved used the application very actively and expressed their enthusiasm. Dr. Lackner adds: “Today we are able to rapidly and efficiently find technologies that have already been developed somewhere within the Siemens group. We can thus avoid redundant developments and lower costs significantly. The experts taking part in pilot project were able to save around 25 to 30 percent of the time they had to spend looking for information in the past. Time they can now devote to their core tasks in R&D.

Today, about 20.000 employees of the Siemens group have access to the TechnoSearch solution. Plans for extensions and complementary solutions are under way to support further work scenarios.