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INFOMIL, a subsidiary of E.LECLERC, selects SINEQUA to facilitate consumer choice in Group stores

Paris, January 20th 2012 - Sinequa, a leader in business search, announces that its Sinequa Business Search solution has been selected by Infomil, a subsidiary of the E.LECLERC group, to facilitate customer product searches on the Internet and on interactive terminals inside Sinequa stores.

The linguistic and semantic capacities of Sinequa Business Search enable better understanding of questions by consumers and aisle managers. Even when confronted with spelling mistakes, the search engine will come up with an answer (For example, if someone types "Tschaikowski" or another personal phonetic variation, the system will understand that the word to look for is "Tchaikovsky.").

A specific search structure

All product references are structured and stored in a database, which is indexed by the Sinequa search engine. The engine translates fuzzy search questions into precise SQL queries. This is very different from using linguistic and semantic capabilities to analyze very diverse contents to find the most relevant answers.

"With Sinequa Business Search, we offer consumers and aisle managers quick, flexible access to the products of their choice. We could even say that we guide them from a vague idea to a specific product. Merely adding an interface layer on top of SQL queries to search in our product database would not have provided the same level of flexibility and user service," explains Denis Dargelos, Design and Development Manager at Infomil.

Better access to cultural and food products

In a first project, Infomil asked Sinequa to index the contents of Amanda, its back-office tool for managing cultural products. Now, consumers and aisle managers can query the entire set of product references from computers, mobile devices and information terminals in stores.

Structured auto-completion to support customers

To react as quickly as possible to customer questions, Sinequa ES V8 features intelligent and structured auto-completion while users are typing. Instead of a straight list of terms, users are presented with a list of results that is structured according to categories of concepts, people's names (like authors or composers), locations, brand names, etc. The aim is to lead them to their choice with two or three clicks.


For the various Infomil projects, tens of thousands of documents and database records have been indexed.

About Infomil, a subsidiary of Mouvement E.Leclerc

Infomil is a company that works primarily with Mouvement E.Leclerc for the design, development and marketing of software, IT service offers and the marketing of IT equipment. Since 1994, Infomil combines expertise, innovation and reactivity in the design and implementation of point of sales solutions and sales strategy.