Success Story

Sinequa implemented successfully its search engine, first in the R&D of Total Chemical & Refining in Belgium and then across the whole business segment. Today, the users of the application confirm and appreciate the ROI in time saved.

Any chemical research laboratory has to deal with a massive amount of documents stored in specific information systems (such as a LIMS). Finding the right information in those documents, patents, and other scientific publications can be very tedious and time consuming, and the task gets even harder without a good knowledge of the organization of the storage (keywords and other metadata attached to documents), and practically impossible without a search engine with semantic capabilities.

The implementation of Sinequa ES has enabled Total Research & Technology to facilitate the search across 10 million documents and information contained in the Oracle database, while maintaining strict control of users' access rights, in order to respect the high level of confidentiality of certain research results.

Researchers can not only see which topics have already been investigated and access the results, but also look at the safety measures to apply when using certain substances and the corresponding administrative procedures. Sinequa's semantic analysis capacity provides users with highly relevant results.