Success Story

Collecting the existing knowledge across a globally active enterprise and making it available for collective use is quite a challenge. With about 360.000 employees around the world and 28.000 Experts in R&D, Siemens tackled this challenge with its project "TechnoSearch", aimed at optimizing the usage of knowledge available within the enterprise. The goal was to establish a comprehensive solution for everyone that extracts relevant information from the most diverse data sources and puts it at the disposal of employees on one common platform. Siemens implemented this project with Sinequa ES, the leading solution for Content Analytics and Unified Information Access. Today, the company is able to gain precious information from volumes of complex data from applications as well as from unstructured data sources: Siemens employees can look for - and find - information concerning technologies and components available within the company, as well as the corresponding experts. And they can do so with a very comfortable and user friendly solution.