Success Story

As a single, intranet-based search across all applications, Sinequa helped Atos improve the relevancy and actionability of search results. Sinequa offers rapid indexing and retrieval of more than 10 million documents, with permission settings for thousands of users.

Atos had rapid growth in a short time frame, from a French company with 2,000 employees to a global player of more than 80,000 employees across many locations and through partners and alliances. With Sinequa, they found a way to solve the problem of quickly finding experts in the organization with a platform that allowed rapid-fire sifting through masses of text and data: identifying authors and concepts to quickly map networks of experts and pinpoint links between them. This enabled Atos to quickly respond to RFPs, as they could form the best team for a specific project which increased considerably customer satisfaction by rapid and competent project implementations, and thus protected the company's margins.