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Gartner Data & Analytics 2017

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit - London

Sinequa will participate in Gartner Data & Analytics Summit. This event will take place on March 20-22, 2017 in London, UK.

Lead in the Age of Infinite Possibilities

Unbounded information. Limitless connections between enterprises, people and things. Pervasive technology capabilities. The opportunities to generate business value from data and analytics are infinite. 

Together, data and analytics are taking center stage as the single most powerful catalyst for change in the enterprise. This year, the event embraces the full range of information and analytics challenges you face, including:

  • Build and execute an effective, holistic data and analytics strategy
  • Prepare for trends such as AI, Hadoop, IoT and Blockchain
  • Maximize the impact of your BI, MDM programs
  • Establish effective information governance for better quality, privacy and security



Date: March 20-22 2017
Location: London, Uk
Event website: