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Big Dip - Data in Pharma

Sinequa participates in Big Dip - Data in Pharma 2015, that will take place in London on the 27th to the 29th of January 2015. Sinequa is program partner of the event.

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«Latest Big Data Methodologies »

Streamline R&D and Catalyse Drug Repositioning by Identifying Expert Networks and Expertise

Finding networks of experts with similar or complementary expertise on a given subject helps avoid costly redundant research, shed light on a complex research problem from different angles, foster cooperation, facilitate drug repositioning, and accelerate time to market. This session will delve into the benefits pharmaceutical companies are seeing by avoiding redundant projects and relating projects by "linking" researchers and teams with one another.

  • Solutions for dealing with scientific vocabulary, detecting synonyms" as well as "similar" and "complementary" notions
  • Analysing vast quantities (200 to 500 million) of highly technical documents and data (billions of records)

Speaker : Xavier Pornain, VP of Sales, Sinequa

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Date : 27-29 January 2015
Location : London, UK